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Cloud Design Box was founded by Tony Phillips, who has over 10 years’ experience with SharePoint in education and business. We work with schools, colleges and academy trusts to provide engaging learning portals in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) and SharePoint on-premises. We help businesses get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365 by streamlining business processes and creating engaging intranet solutions.

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Cloud Design Box have a mission to provide cutting-edge solutions and services for teaching, learning, business and data governance.

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Web Design and Development
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Web Design

At Cloud Design Box, we can assist in the planning, design, implementation and training involved in setting up a new fresh responsive website. We can discuss a range of website options from small business single page sites with small budgets of just a few hundred pounds to scalable e-commerce business sites.

SharePoint Public Sites

SharePoint on-premises can be used to host public facing websites. Our SharePoint public facing sites include:

  • Responsive Master Page (to work on all devices)
  • Custom display templates (to enhance the look of out-of-the-box lists)
  • Custom page layouts
  • Sitemap consultancy (to plan the structure of your site)
  • Design and branding consultancy (Photoshop mock-ups and wireframes are provided)
  • Content design (we can make your content look better)
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Azure web application

Azure Hosted Web Applications

Cloud Design Box specialise in Microsoft cloud services. We can provide optimised web applications hosted on a usage pay structure. Azure sites can be easily scaled up to meet large demand and are housed in resilient backed up Microsoft data centres.

Applications could be as simple as a website or as complex as a fully customised CMS booking system. Our consultants gather the specification requirements and present a full plan before our customers commit to the project to ensure a smooth and well delivered project.

SharePoint in Education
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One of the cheapest and easiest platforms to maintain is WordPress. It is open source with a large community of contributors providing a rich and wide range of plugins.

Our WordPress websites include:

  • Responsive design (to work on all devices)
  • Sitemap consultancy (to plan the structure of your site)
  • Design and branding consultancy (Photoshop mock-ups and wireframes are provided)
  • Content design (we can make your content look better)
  • Pre-installed plugins for contact forms

Take a look at our demo WordPress responsive site: Cloud High School and Cloud Primary.

SharePoint in Education
Web Development

Content Editor Services

It can be time consuming to update websites with new content or train staff internally to edit the site. Cloud Design Box offer an optional content editor service so that you save time updating the website by emailing any content to our web team. The web team will then update the website within 24 hours.


Cloud Design Box partner with some of the largest web hosting companies to provide UK based hosting and back-up solutions. This means our web hosting solutions are cost effective and reliable.

SSL Certificates and Domain Names

Cloud Design Box recommend using an SSL certificate to encrypt HTTPS traffic. This is usually used when editing your public website making it harder for malicious users to intercept sensitive data such as usernames, passwords and password protected data. We can provide competitive quotes for single domain and wildcard SSL certificates through our trusted partners.

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Web Development

Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising

Having a website is great when potential customers can find your business site. There are a few ways that we can help you become searchable and visible in search results via popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

The first steps involve making the content and structure of the website relevant. We use several techniques to get you higher up the Google search results including:

  • Mobile optimisation (this is now a Google requirement)
  • HTML validation and site maps (to make your site clearer for search engines to map)
  • Additional advertising services

Google AdWords Marketing

Google AdWords and pay per click services can seem difficult and complicated to set-up. They can be even harder to monitor the success rate. Cloud Design Box can provide a managed service which includes:

  • Creating and managing campaigns
  • Tailor advertising to suit your business needs
  • Regular monthly reports and updates

Our solutions support a range of marketing budget levels.

SharePoint in Education
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