Parental email digest in Microsoft Teams for Education
Tony PhillipsPublished 25, Jan 2019

It’s the update that schools have been waiting for. Today Microsoft announced parental access to Microsoft Teams assignments through a regular email digest. This update enables the school to emphasise the importance of homework and provide parents with all the information they need to fully support their children at home.

Below is a preview (real experience may differ) and details are still being released on how this will work

Microsoft Teams Parental Email Digest

I expect that the teacher will need to enable this option in each class (so that parents don’t get empty updates or lack of content).

School Data Sync (SDS) will now support student contacts as a new CSV upload file. If you manage SDS yourself, this means there will be a new CSV to create and upload. Third party SDS sync providers will soon be able to support this. Parental contacts are optional so no need to rush and upload these. It might be worth waiting a few months to test this before rolling out to all classes and parents (it will give Microsoft time to fix any bugs) and it will give the school chance to cleanse parental data in the school MIS.

Update 26/02/2019: we are just waiting for Microsoft to complete the roll-out of this feature which should be in the next few weeks

Update 01/11/2019: This is finally live – sync your guardians using school data sync.

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