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Cloud Design Box was founded by Tony Phillips, who has over 10 years’ experience with SharePoint in education and business. We work with schools, colleges and academy trusts to provide engaging learning portals in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) and SharePoint on-premises. We help businesses get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365 by streamlining business processes and creating engaging intranet solutions.

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Cloud Design Box have a mission to provide cutting-edge solutions and services for teaching, learning, business and data governance.

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Cloud Box School Intranet Benefits

Whether your SharePoint is completely in Office 365, on your school premises or a mixture of both, Cloud Design Box can transform it into a learning environment. With over 10 years of experience in setting up SharePoint as a learning environment, there’s little we can’t automate and build directly from the data in your management system.

SharePoint brings your school’s most commonly used and familiar software together into one secure online teaching and learning environment. Pupils and staff can log into their classes wherever they are, and on any device to access, create, share and edit resources. Access is automatic with no management required as links with your management system build appropriate structures and permissions based on your school’s groups.

SharePoint subject site

How can Cloud Box SharePoint help your school?

Class Cards MIS

Online learning your way

Cloud Box SharePoint is fully customisable to reflect your school’s needs and automatically reflects what’s in your management system. SharePoint is automatically set-up for all your classes, subjects, teachers and pupils in a consistent manner unique to your school. Within this, if different classes, courses or departments want a different structure, format or content for their SharePoint site, they can.

A cost-effective solution

Through adapting Microsoft SharePoint to your needs, we reduce the need for expensive third-party development, making Cloud Box a very cost-effective choice. By storing resources and work in the cloud, you can save money on server space.

Microsoft Class Onenote

Enhance learning with Microsoft OneNote

Schools using Microsoft’s OneNote see it is a seamless part of the school day. It has everything pupils need to work and collaborate, all on one page, and can be accessed from any of their devices. Teachers can check individual pupil progress on an ongoing basis and provide real time feedback. Cloud Box SharePoint can automatically create OneNote notebooks with any template, and in any structure which works for your school, whether it’s a notebook per class, teacher, subject, pupil or combination.

Increase efficiency

Cloud Box simplifies the set-up and management of a learning environment and by automatically setting-up and maintaining your sites and permissions, your staff can focus on more important activities rather than manually configuring SharePoint. Microsoft Office sits within SharePoint so that documents are created within it, saving time uploading from elsewhere and making sure everyone uses the latest versions.

Ensure pupils are on track

Microsoft Teams

Because the work that pupils do in SharePoint is always live, it can be viewed and marked by teachers on an ongoing basis. It is easy to see if pupils understand the work whilst they are working on it and not just when they hand it in.

Bring classroom projects to life

Pupils create live, interactive and collaborative projects, allocate responsibilities and see what others have been doing, all from their own log in. Simultaneously, the teacher can access the project to add feedback and check understanding.

Develop independent learners

With permissions set-up and resources already available, pupils are always ready to learn and collaborate, wherever they are. Cloud Box SharePoint puts an end to technology simply replicating classroom activities and really transforms teaching and learning. Teachers can assign work to the pupils they teach and track their progress. Work can digitally travel from teacher to pupil until it is submitted to be marked, online of course.

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